7 Benefits of Sitting in a Proper Posture

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Have your parents ever advised you to sit straight when you were a child? They know that sitting in a proper posture is a good habit. And our parents are liable to teach us all good things. But when we are getting old no one pinches us in these small things. So we have to take care of that by ourselves.

We spend hours in front of our computer, mobile and laptop. This is bad for our health but besides of this we sit in bad posture while using these gadgets. The Results are that we suffer from back pain, back bend, etc.. We have to sit in correct posture when we work in office, in front of our computer, when we are driving, taking lunch or watching TV. There are many benefits of sitting in good posture.

1 Relief from Back Pain

If we sit in our office for a long time,  then it is very important to sit upright. Most of people bend forward when they sit and it pressurizes your back discs and ligaments. The proper posture for sitting is to sit straight (straighten your back but neither too tight nor too loose) , your ears and shoulders should be in one sequence, your both feet should touch ground and you should keep some distance between your both feet. If you sit in this manner, pressure gets divided among whole muscles and it reduces the risk of back pain.

relax correct good or proper sitting posture or position is good for your body
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This is the correct posture according to science but as per my personal experience it is not easy for a newbie or a person who suffers from obesity to sit in this position for a long time. You have to walk for while in mid and have to rest your back. You can sit in 120 degrees to take a rest.

2 Relief from Headache

There are many reasons of headache. Stress, Migraine, common cold, constipation, insomnia, etc. but sitting in bad posture is also a reason for headache. When our shoulders are bent forward, we can feel the stress at the back side of our neck and this affects the nerves of our brain. As you know, the nerves of our spinal chord is very sensitive. So it is very important that you sit in a proper posture.

3 Feel more Energetic and Vital

Many people don’t take it seriously. They think how the posture of our sitting can change our energy level. But it is fact that it has impact on our overall body.

When you sit in a bad posture, various parts of your body feel tension.This results your muscles have to work more and consume more energy. You can save your energy by maintain a good posture of sitting.

Proper posture also improves your upper body strength, because it alives  your upper back and shoulder muscles. We need to be aware of our body position while we sit, stand or walk.

4 Good for your Joints health

A proper posture aligns your joints in a correct position. A Slump posture of sitting for a long time may arise pain in your spinal joints. Your joints are the sensitive parts of your bone structure and if you pressurize or stress these parts for a long time or over their capacity, then it will be obviously harmful.

When I started my CA studies. I sat for long periods at a place without take any breaks. You can say that it is good or you have good focus or sitting capacity. But actually I had tones of load of studies, so I had to sit. At the end of the day, all of my back joints started to pain. Then I realized that it is good to take small breaks. By the way, now I have left my CA studies.

5 Easy to take Breaths

If we bend ourselves forward while we sit,then both our lungs will shrink due to the pressure on them. This position decreases the capacity of lungs to take long breaths. So we have to sit in a proper posture. It is good for your lungs’health and mandatory for persons who have Bronchial disorder.

6 Improve your Blood circulation

All the tissues of our body need proper amount of blood and oxygen for their work. So it is very important that blood circulation flows without any interruption. When we sit in a bad posture, it presses our blood veins. And if we cross our legs while we sit, it interrupts the blood circulation in the lower parts. So it is good to sit in a proper posture to improve circulation and nourish our all parts.

7 Improves your Focus and reforms your Attitude

A good posture of sitting is helpful in pain relieving, stress minimizing, easy breath, improving joint health. So when you get rid of these problems, your focus on your work naturally upgrades. Sitting upright is also good for blood circulation. So proper amount of blood reaches to our brain and it helps to nourish the tissues of brain.

Our sitting positions also describe our personality. People judge our nature and personality by the way we talk, stand, walk, sit and by our facial expression. So if we sit properly, it creates a good image of us in others mind.

I hope you understand how a proper posture of sitting can reform your life. So be aware and stay healthy because our health is our wealth. And if you want to improve your posture you should read this blog “Improve your posture”

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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