Acceptance of Present helps us to make our Future

acceptance of present moment can change your future
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I am very poor, My face is not good, I don’t have any friend, I want to be a Entrepreneur but my parents don’t support me, I don’t have a beautiful House, I am very Weak and Coward, Nobody likes me. We have so many complaints like this and we blame ourselves for all such issues. And unintentionally we attach these issues with our feelings, attitude and they become part of our whole life. By doing this we degrade ourselves and become a depressed person. Then it get too hard to rid of from these situation.

If you want to live a happy life. Then you have to accept all the situation you have in your life. You should not curse yourself for all these. The problems are unpredictable but life should not stop because of these. So first of all you have to accept it then think what to do next ? If i am poor, how can i earn money ? If my face is not good, in this huge crowd not all get a beautiful face but they doing well in their life. I don’t have any friend, may be i am better or a thinker (who generally stays alone), so i should choose a different way for my life. My parents don’t help me to start a business, so what? i can do it on my own basis, may it will take some time but i will do it. I don’t have a beautiful house but i have i house and i can modify this. I am weak so i should start gym.

So first of all you have to accept it, then your mind start to think about solutions. Otherwise your powerful tool get busy in overthink about that situation and make it worst. You have to follow a procedure to solve any problem.

1 First of all you have to choose a problem which affects you more :

There are many problems in our life. We cannot solve all of them together. And if we try to do it then we create a complex situation and instead of solve them we create some more problems. So first of all we have to choose a problem. And be confident that you can solve it. Take a deep breath and think “Now you are going to start a journey towards a beautiful and happier life”. Take a seat and imagine your life without that problem. It motivate you from inside. And if your feelings and attitude are affected by that problem, you can see many changes in your behaviour by just start the process. Don’t resist that changes, accept them because they are part of the process.

2 Analyze that problem, is that real or created by your imagination :

There are many problems in your life which are just a pure imagination of your mind. May be we have a bad experience related to that and still we carrying this burden. Being Black is not a problem but in past may be your friends teased you. Being Orphan is not a problem but you suffered a lot in your past because of this. Being Thin is not a problem but may be you had a fight and lost it, So you started to think that you are weak because you are thin. If your problem is just a imagination or a habit or a illusion. Then you just have to work on yourself. You have to change the way of your thinking. For that first of all you have to forgive those all people who teased you or molested you. Forgiveness makes you free from that burden. And then place next step in this process.

3 Stop Cursing yourself and Forgive yourself for all your mistakes and faults :

It doesn’t matter your problem is your illusion or it is real. You make it worst by blaming yourself. Your self esteem falls due to it and you feel unable to change your life. You demotivate yourself by blaming yourself for all shits. Many youngsters commit suicide because they think that they are responsible for all bad situations. They think that all that problems finish if they finish their own life. But their family ought to be face these problems after them. So you have to forgive yourself. Problems are the part of our life. If we like to spend a good time, then we have to face bad times.

4 Accept present situation of your life :

When we accept our present situation. We can see clearly what we have now, where we are, our assets and sources, who are with us. When fog of our illusions flew away further road become visible. That means when you are aware of your present situation, you are able to choose a further way. And if we don’t accept it, then our life spends surrounding that situations.

One of my friend had breakup last year. He loved her too much. He blamed himself for that. He said that “i had problem with some of her friends and she don’t like it. We fought on this topic and she did breakup. This is my fault.” I advised him to forget her because now she engaged with an another person. And now there is nothing in his hand but he could not remove her from his mind. He hadn’t control on his emotions. He left his job and went to village. He broke contact from all his friends. A few months later i heard about him. He suffering through depression from a long time. Now a psychiatrist helping him to over come this situation.

Actually, He try to went far from all that person who remind him about her. But unintentionally he locked himself in the room of his own memories. Instead of doing all that if he accept it, control his emotions and try to forget her. Then he surely move on in few weeks. So, we have to accept the situation, then think further.

5 Find the way to get rid of that problem :

Now you know what is the problem and you accept it. Your mind is in stable position. And a calm mind can think better. Now you have to find the appropriate solution. In some cases you should think about past, when the problem arises. May be you get a solution there. And Some times it is good to delete all your past memories and start a new journey. Your Patience is your partner in this journey and don’t loose him.

Best of Luck for your new happier life. Keep going till you got the life that you want. And keep in mind that it is a ongoing process. Problems are part of our life. So, Get ready to face all situations and always be happy and healthy.

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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