Be Positive and Aware, it is the Cure of all Situations

Hey guys! Today i don’t want to talk in a professional way. I want to get personal. Now the time is 2:16 AM and i still cannot sleep. I really don’t know why?

Have you ever heard some person says “I am worried or tense but the reason is unknown”. You can compare me today with such people, but i am not worried or tense. I am thinking a lot today, like i lost all the control from my mind.

So the best way to relax your mind is “Do the thing which you like the most” and i am here.

Everyone getting bored in there houses due to lockdown and some of people enjoy it but here i have to work for some more hours. Because i am in the Essential Medicine services. It is good to serve people at that time. Really i feel proud but i am getting angry when any of my colleague talk about corona, when my day going to start.

Why all the people are talking about a single topic whole the day. Have any one has any other topic? After talk to many of such people. I realize our biggest enemy is our fear.

It is true that we have to take precautions and it’s important but it is also important to stay happy and positive.

Today i was talking to one of my friend. Recently a positive case found there above 3 floors from his flat. All the flats at that floor are in quarantine. Yes i believe that it is the case of worry and we must aware but my friend’s situation is different.

He is in a trap of a fear. He said me that “Nikhil i am feeling tired. Is i am a corona positive.” Now i am tense. He don’t eat food properly from the day when that case found in his building. And this is the main reason of his tiredness but who can change his mindset.

Have you notice this trap of fear. Just imagine you have a normal cold and you see the news. The news which shows the death rates and hear a voice which repeat a single word many times. Now this word is ruling on your mind. When you call anyone the caller tune is also have that word, Finally when your friend attend your call , they also talk on that topic. And if you go out the big hoardings also remembering us about our biggest enemy. Now the normal cold is turned in corona in your mind. And now you also trapped in this fear.

I want to say that first of all we have to fight with our fear. Fear ruined our positivity and it is very important to stay positive this time.

Do the work which you like the most or talk with anyone you like ofcourse about other topics. The main intention is only to find some happiness. Believe me happiness is not only in big things. You can also got this in small things.

Are you ever feel the music or dance like here is no one to see me, or you ever talk to yourself after the mirror, or talk to your friends for hours and get a deep dive in your past, or take a nap after completing a novel, or feel like a master chef in hotel Taj after cook a bowl of maggie, or tease your friend by any fake id, or complete whole web series without take a break.

The Happiness is still near you, only thing you have to do is be relax and keep your mind calm and got it.

Now i feel some sleepy. So Good Night and enjoy your good dreams. Also share your way to find happiness in the comment section and help your near one to fight with their Fear.

Thank you!!!!

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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