How to take care of Dry Skin in Winter

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Guys winter skin dryness is not such a serious issue, but if you don’t give perfect care for it then your skin may suffer from various infections and you can see rash on your dry skin in winter. Dryness is also a reason for Eczema (red spots). And our skin also begin to bump due to dryness. So Winter season means skin dryness and rash, lets take measures for how to take care of dry skin in winter with the help of home remedies and other remedy.

Environment of Winter absorbs the humidity of our skin because the humidity level is low in cold air. It can affect any part of our body. Mainly it effects our hands, face, foots, arms. We can use gloves to protect hands and slippers for foots but its not enough. We have to take care of our overall body all the time.

Dermatitis is the scientific word for extremely dry skin. And there are several kinds of dermatitis like Contact dermatitis, Seborrheic dermatitis also known as seborrhoea, Atopic dermatitis commonly used name is eczema and symptoms are redness, itchiness and rashes.

Keep the humidity level of skin in winter with the help of moisturizers

how to take care of dry skin in winter, winter dry skin remedy, what causes dry skin
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The best way to avoid dryness is to keep its humidity level. And skin moisturizer buy now is help you the most in this. And note one thing, moisturizers which are more thick and greasy are more effective. It consists some main ingredients divided in three groups.

1. Humectant

Which attracts the moisture and it include ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid and lecithin.

2. Petroleum Jelly

Second group is consist Petroleum jelly, silicon, lanolin and mineral oil. It helps to maintain moisture.

3. Skin Smoothers

Linolenic, linoleic and loric acid are the third group. These helps to make skin smoother by fill the space between cells.

Overall the most effective components are petroleum jelly and mineral oil in the moisturizer.

Some home remedies to avoid dry skin in winter

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1. Limit your shower or bath time from 5 to 10 minutes and prefer tap water rather than hot water if possible.

2. Keep minimum use of harsh soaps. Instead of soaps use can use soap free cleansers.

3. Avoid fragrant soaps and alcohol.

4. Avoid bath sponge and scrub brush.

5. Rub your body from towel smoothly after bath.

6. Immediately apply moisturizer after taking shower.

7. Don’t itch , you can use soft cotton cloth for this.

8. Apply cold cream at itching place, it gives you relief.

But guys if environment changes are not the reason for your skin problems, then its better to consult any doctor. You should notice that what are the causes behind your dry skin and how to take care of it in winter.

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