Our Behavior and Attitude are the mirror of our Habits and Thoughts

Our Behavior and Attitude are the mirror of our Habits and Thoughts
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All the persons have many types of tiny habits in their lives but normally they ignore them. We noticed over elders, our society, our siblings, our friends and many other people around us by childhood. How they deal with their physical or financial problem? and we accept their way and thought that this is the correct way to solve such problem.

Like if you have a brother who got bullied by their seniors in school and your brother do nothing and say that if he will do something then they tease him more. Then you also get frightened after saw the whole situation and arises a habit of frightening from seniors and bullies.

Just like that if your father said that we are poor and can’t afford a car then it will birth a habit of drawback yourself in your mind. You start to demotivate yourself.

All our habits together creates our behavior and attitude. And all habits made by our experiences and the advice given by our elders. Our subconscious mind is a very powerful tool. It saved all the things but it don’t want our permission. If we gave negative diet to our subconscious mind then we birth a negative personality in ourselves and if we gave positive thoughts and environment then we can get a better and healthier and positive mind.

I think you heard it somewhere that “Our thoughts are mirror of these 5 people who are very close to us”and “Shark cannot be get his original size in a fish tank”. So we have to change our environment, our thoughts to change our whole life because we never get to know our possibilities in a narrow environment. And you have to leave your tiny habits and thoughts which are results of this narrow surroundings. To change your life and to know your mind possibilities you should include some other habits in your life.

1 Feel Gratitude to all the things around you even it is alive or not:

The feeling of gratitude is the most powerful feeling which can give you a lots of happiness. Thanks to all the persons and things who make your day or even given you a lesson before sleep. Believe me it boost a waterfall of happiness in your inner heart.

2 Talk with yourself before taking any decision :

You should listen your gut feelings before taking any decision. When anyone says you that it is the only way to do this, then ask your mind is this the only way? can i find an another way to solve it? From there your mind start to process and pitch at it’s possibilities.

3 Exercise your mind daily:

Have you read the book “The Rich Dad and The Poor Dad”. In this book author’s poor dad say that i cannot afford it when his child ask for anything and on other hand his rich dad say can i afford it? The second paragraph is a question and push your mind to do something. To learn a new skill for earning money or try to find ways. You also can solve tricky or math puzzles if you love these to keep your mind active.

4 Before going to bed think about that thing you want in your life:

The 15 minutes before you going into a deep sleep is that time when your subconscious mind is in full activated mode. You should think about your desired life and goals in 15 minutes. I am not saying that you got all these things in few years or you got a treasure luckily. But i can surely challenge you that you become a different person after some days with a new positive attitude who willing to do something on the way of his dreams. If you regularly do this.

5 Should include meditation and yoga in your routine :

From the years our monks are able to use their mind at its peak. They can survive in minus degrees temperature and jungles. I don’t have such words by which i can tell you about the benefits of yoga and meditation in one sentence or in one paragraph. You have to do it on regular basis. You can start with 20 minutes. You got a lots of benefits and a wholly changed life.

6 Aerobic exercise like Running, cycling and dancing can boost the level of Dopamine in your mind :

You should exercise for a while daily. It gives you perfect muscles, great stamina, and also happiness of mind.

You should add these habits in your routine to change your life.

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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