How to Prevent from Monsoon diseases and Enjoy these beautiful Rainy Days

How to prevent from monsoon diseases and enjoy these beautiful rainy days
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  Hey I am your Health Friend Nikhil. The Beautiful rainy days are come again this year after long hot summer days and tiny rain drops began to create happy song lyrics. Now the cloudy sky, Unbeatable Greenery, Pleasant Environment are ready to attract you most. 

Even I like to eat hot corn (Bhutta) and a cup of coffee while enjoying these beautiful rainy days from my window. In India this season brings a lot of festivals. Shrawan (Days of worship Lord Shiva), Chaturmas in jain community, Onnam (Boat race) in kerala and so more.

Children eagerly waiting for rains to enjoy it, flapping the water and have a hope to allow some holidays from school☺️☺️ . 

But with some Pleasant things some unpleasant and unacceptable things are also happens in this season. Many Infections and Diseases shape in huge forms.

Hospitals are full of patients. Dengue, Cold, Flu, Food Borne Infections, Water Borne Infections, Cholera, Jaundice, etc. are in full form. But we all know that health is wealth, So Here are some precautions for stay balanced and healthy in this season.

1. Follow Healthy Diet

Follow healthy diet it keeps you healthy in rains
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During rainy days our Digestion System become weak. We don’t easily able to digest especially children and elders. But its fact that attraction for street sizzling food increase in rains.

As result, We caught by Food Borne infections and Gastorial problems. So, We have to avoid street food. We spend lots of wealth on street foods and result of this we lose our health.

We should Include Cherries, Plums, Peaches, Jamun, Litchi, Pomegranates and Apples in meals (wash the fruits properly before use). Eat in parts which helps you easy digest. 

2. Keep an Umbrella Anytime

Precautions in Rainy Days and rainy season
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Don’t Forget Umbrella buy now when you go out. It is the best portable thing which helps you keeps dry and also keep dry your Wallet, Mobile, Watch and other accessories you carry.

Safety of your Mobile and Wallet is also very necessary because if your accessories got swallowed or damage you become mentally ill 😆😆😆 Really believe me.

But if you intentionally come out  for feel these Rain Drops on your face and enjoy beautiful rainy days and don’t have any accessories then enjoy it but not far from home or for long time.

3. Remove Rain Water From Body

remove rain water from your body it may be quite harmful for your health
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 If you Intentionally or Unintentionally got swallowed in rain then take a shower instantly. 

Rain Water is not good for your Health. It occurs Cholera and jaundice. This water also not good for your skin, your skin becomes plumpy. So, Wash off rain water as soon as possible.

4. Stay hydrated With Clean & Hot Water

stay hydrated with clean water
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The Humid Environment of this Climate Absorbs your Energy and you feel Tired. The sweat is less and humidity is more which unbalance your Body Temprature. 

So, for being energic and hydrated drink enough water and prefer hot water to prevent Bacterial Infections and Water Borne Infections and it is also good for gastorial problems. Avoid cold drinks and prefer juices. Eat fruits which helps you to keep hydrated which I already inform you in 1st point.

5. Continue Your Exercise Routine

exercise is must for stay fit in all the seasons. So continue your exercise routine
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If you really want to enjoy these beautiful rainy days then you must be physically fit. This season surely affects your exercise routine. You avoid to go out to Gym or Yoga centres and give excuses to your Parents and Spouse about Rain outside but diseases not hear your excuses they don’t require your permission for come.

Your body needs exercise most in this season because of your Weak Digestion and unbalance Body Temperature. So, Freinds keep your exercise routine continue at home, if you don’t want to go out. Buy a adjustable dumbells , it helps you in indoor exercise.

6. Keep Away From Monsoon Insects

seasonal disease are spreading very fast. so follow precautions.
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Many kinds of  dangerous Insects born in this season. Don’t predict them with their size they are really very dangerous.

Prevent from gathering water near by your society and home. Use Odomos, Wear full slives shirts or t-shirts. Use Mosquito net when sleep and keep dry your home surface.

7. Avoid Fungal Infection in Rainy days

fungal infection can affect you by long time connection with water.
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Fungal Infection is the huge problem in this season especially to your feet which are helpless for stay wet for a long time. So, Dry your feet from a clean cotton cloth when you come at home. And apply olive oil to your feet when go outside. 

So, Freinds apply these precautions to your routine and keep Healthy and remember our health is our wealth. Enjoy these beautiful Rainy days break free.

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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