Vipassana Meditation : The way to Enlightment

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Guys are you interested in meditation ? or you ever did this. Many of people says its boring to sit at a place for a long time without doing anything and some says it is worthless. Some people knows that meditation is good but they never give their effort to do this. But here is me who completed the 10 days course of Vipassana meditation. I did nothing except meditation in these 10 days. I didn’t use my mobile, even i put it in locker and it is compulsary. I didn’t talk to anyone and maintain pure silence, also when i am alone. And most surprising i woke up at sharp 4:00 AM for whole 10 days, till here even i don’t know that i can do this. I skip dinner for these days , actually they don’t have dinner in their schedule so i had to. I meditated 10 to 11 hours a day, not continuously just period vise. And i experienced many more new things in these 10 days. It seems too Hard or may be i explain you in such a manner but really it is not too tough , may be you feel some difficulties in starting 2-3 days. After that you start to enjoing it.

I am not doing meditation for first time. I also attended some other meditation seminars and do it regularly but 1 hour a day only. I never thought that i will go to such a place but now i can say that these was the best 10 days of my life. When one of my friend told me about Vipassana meditation and the rules i have to follow there. The first thought came to my mind was that it is not my kind, But after a long period of lockdown when we spend our time in this fearful environment. I think i should go there and refresh my mind and fill it with a new enthusiasm and it prooves a wise decision.

So i applied and the day when i reach there and the first word i said is “wow!” . Actually I remember all the visuals of there in my mind clearly. Full of greenery , fresh air, far from city , no noise. My centre was in a village in Titwala. You can see that place , You only have to do a search for Dhamma vahini . That day i am unknown to everyone and i am super free because i had nothing to do and my mobile is also in locker. So i started to reading there faces. Some are curious, some are tensed, some carried a holy calmness on their faces and some people including me are happy. I met two people that first day. They already had attended vipassana shivir earlier. i had a great talk with them and they told many things about this shivir.

At 5 pm we attended a guidance meeting. I remember the time exactly because after that meeting we didn’t allow to say a single word. They told us that how these 10 days will go. I was very excited but when they said that we have to be aware of snakes. My excitment turns into fear but i not saw a single snake in these 10 days , it is my goodness. They told us about Satya Narayan Goinkaji who eastablished this Dhamma. They was a big bussinessmen in Burma (now known as Myanmar) with a great goodwill. Once they caught by a severe dieses. They spent lots of money to cure this but not a single treatment is working. Then a friend of Goinkaji told them about a monk. He insist to meet that monk once. After that meeting their life changed completely. The monk was not a magician. Although they was expert in Vipassana meditation and they taught the same to Goinkaji. Later what happened is history. Goinkaji spread Vipassana in all our India. Is this story is similar to the story of Marvel Movie Doctor Strange, may be they took inspiration from goinkaji’s life.

What is Vipassana ?

Vipassana is very ancient technique of meditation, discovered by Gautam Budhha . In this technique we don’t have to focus on any light or any Idol. We don’t need to lost in any imagination. In this technique we just have to be aware of our breath, heart beats, all sensations happening inside or outside of our body. It may be pain, sparkling, touch of our clothes, heat, pressure, cold, vibration, etc. etc…. You just need to be aware of yourself.

It is a technique of self observation. We can be boss of our body and mind but before that it is very crucial that we know all about our mind and body. It is not just like we are humans and we have two hands and two legs. It is more deeper than that, we have to observe what happening in our body.

If you ever notice in every situation our breath is different. If you are in anger your breath is fast, if you are calm your breath is slow, if you are sick then you feel some difficulties to take breath and most of times you don’t aware of your breath, it is keep going. So the foremost work is to be aware of your breath, that called Anapana.

Anapana is the first step of Vipassana. In this we have to see our breath without controlling it. You have to see it as is it. Your breath is fast or slow it doesn’t matter. You only have to see it and accept it. By this your focus increases and then you able to see tiny sensations.

Seeing our own sensations is not that easy. There is a rule. You have to sit in Adhishthan. That means promise yourself that you sit for a decided period (it may be a hour or 2 hour, it is on yours) without any movement. I remember that day when i take adhishthan of 2 hours. Ohh! that pain. I can’t explain you about that 2 hours in brief, i will tell you about every single minute of that time in my another blog. I still remember that unbearable pain of my legs and they said i have to see all sensations. If there is a pain i have to see it. The pain increases hundreds of times when you focus on that, but after some time the pain goes down. You must have strong belief that all the things or all the sensations are impermanent.

There are many benefits of that meditation. In the spiritual world it is way for Enlightment. Although we can also see the benifits of that in our routine life. Our focus increases, We become able to tolerate worst situation without hesitation, health improvement and many more. It is good to include a time for meditation in your schedule. And if you don’t know how to meditate then you should attend this 10 days shivir once.

I will surely tell you about each day in detail. What i talk to myself when my mouth is shut? what i experience each minute? how was my starting days? What is the difference between first day and last day ? and what changes i feel in myself?. I will tell you but in my further blogs. For now it is enough. If you ever attend Vipassana shivir then write in comment section that what you experience there. And if you like any other type of meditation or have any question you may also put it in comment section.

“SABKA MANGAL HO” it is the line we used after every seating of meditation. It means “i wish everyone be happy”. I think it is also the best line for end my blog.

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

4 thoughts on “Vipassana Meditation : The way to Enlightment

  • March 5, 2021 at 3:40 PM

    As per my opinion, every individual once in a lifetime has an experience of vipassana like as you said this is not tough enough if we habitual for 2-3 days then coming 7 days would be easier for any individual.
    And Vipassana 10 days programme is not a magical stick where everything will be changing after shivir but yes definitely an individuals mind perspective will be certainly change provided with regular practice every day.

  • March 5, 2021 at 10:26 PM

    Thank You Nikhil..For Sharing Your Experince..Sharing Your Experince Made me even to go For mediatition too..hope even i will try too do this once in my life..

    • March 10, 2021 at 10:31 AM

      I am glad to know this Aishwarya that you thinking about doing meditation. This is Great…. Best of luck


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