We are the Creators of Our Life

Hey guys! I wish you enjoyed your sunday. Today i also do many things, nothing important or worthy but i did. Like i saw a episode of Harsh beniwal and some stand up comedy shows. Talk to some of my old friends which fill a bit of happiness in my present moment.

In evening i bought a book “You Can Heal Your Life” which is written by Louise Hay. Yet i am not read the whole book but i go through some of pages. And by these i got she is trying to say us that our thoughts are responsible for the situations we experiencing. All the good or bad things happens in our life is start with our thought.

It’s true! Gautam buddha also said “We are what we think”. All the words we speak and activities we done, they all started with a thought. In easy words we think about that particular thing directly or indirectly before we done. Like before you start gym you think that “I have to be fit” or “I become fat if i don’t start workout”. The Truth is we attract all the situations or people around us by our thoughts. This is quite unacceptable for some person but it is truth.

Our Thoughts works like MAGNET

Our thoughts are really have powers to make the dreams true. When you think more about goodness then you are ready to attract all good things but when your thoughts become negative then you attract all bad things. I am not saying that then all bad things happen to you but you start to notice the negative points rather than good ones and make your life worst.

Have anyone here who read the book “The Secret“. In this book they said that we can get all that things we want in our life. According to them, we have right to choose and we really have but i am not believing the whole concept of that book. The book emphasizing on thought process but physical involvement is also important. I believe that Our thoughts makes our Attitude and our attitude makes our life. But this book is very good you must read it.

Ever you notice if any bad thing happen with us or any a bad news we hear in the morning then the whole day go through struggles. This is because of our negative thoughts created in our minds which affects our whole surrounding environment. So it is very important to control on your thoughts.

Our Thoughts makes our Attitude and our Attitude makes our Life

Our whole behavior is depend on our mental situation. If we are happy then we able to make happy all surrounding persons. Some are jealous don’t care about them. Your attitude is create by your thoughts and your thoughts are made by the good or bad things you experiencing in your past. You cannot change your past but you can change your thoughts.

Our subconscious mind noticed all the things happened around us and our beliefs and behaviour are result of these. But if we want to change our life then we have to change our mind. I recently read a blog about Vipassana meditation. This meditation is helpful for recreate our mind. You can search on youtube about this, you get some live videos. It is no doubt that meditation can change our life.

We cannot stop our thoughts but we can change it

A normal person has 72000 thoughts per day and some times they are not connected to each other. So it is not possible to place a full stop on all the thoughts immediately but we can change it. You just have to watch on your thoughts that they are negative or positive, if they are negative then convert them with positive ones. This process is not easy but start it and keep practicing. After some time you don’t need to put efforts on this, it become usual. And when you don’t able to find any positive alternative of your thought, then just say yourself that “The God has better plan for me”. Believe me it works.

It is a art to control your mind and you can learn this. Now create your life just like you want. And if you have any suggestion put them in comment section.

Thank you!

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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