What is Acne, Its Causes and how to Prevent it

what is Acne or pimple and its causes and how to prevent it
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“Acne” a bulbous hair follicles which filled with excess oil and dead skin.

What is your reaction when you saw the first pimple on your face ? When i saw the first pimple on my face, i let it go because i was a careless person. But when they started to spread on my face, i get worried. I read many blogs and studies that how we can control on acne. I applied that cure which is suggested by them and the result is good. So i think i should share my own experience. By the way i will tell you about whole the aspects of acne.

What is “ACNE”

When our hair follicles plugged with excess oil and dead skin, it creates a bulbous area. It is common in teenagers. It affects our face, neck, chest, upper back and shoulders. The excess oil of our skin is the main reason of acne. Most of us think that our inner heat is also responsible for acne. And it is true, Sebaceous gland which is responsible for generate sebum (natural oil), creates more sebum due to excess heat of our body. Constipation, cholesterol and fast food increases the heat level of our body. So indirectly these are the reason for it. There are many types of acne such as.

1 Blackheads
2 Whiteheads
3 Small red tender bumps
4 Pimples
5 Large and Solid painful bumps beneath the surface of skin “Nodules”
6 Painful pus-filled beneath surface of skin “Cystic lesions”

Our face lost its beauty from any kind of acne but the acne with cyst really horrible and painful. The huge mistake of all teenagers is that they press or burst their acne, by this the bacteria of that particular area spread out and it causes more acne. And also it creates lifetime marks on your face.

Causes of Acne

Generally all teenagers faces the problem of pimple. Our sebaceous gland is become more active when we step in puberty. So don’t afraid of it. I remember that when my sister saw the first pimple on her face. She literally become depressed. I don’t want to loose a single chance to tease her. And i took full advantage of that time. She started to apply cosmetic facial packs and creams but these all proved worthless.

Girls expression when she saw an acne or pimple on their face
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As per many Yoga specialist constipation is the main reason behind this. Basically teenagers don’t properly chew food before swallow it, don’t drink enough water and avoid fruit juices. These all are the reason for constipation. And other causes of acne are :

1 Heredity

This can be a heredity problem. When your parents also had same situation that their Sebaceous gland is very active. So it may possible that your gland will also work on its peak.

2 Excess oil production

Your hair follicles connect with sebaceous gland and when this gland start to produce excess oil and that oil gather at a place, it causes whiteheads. Oil production increases in some circumstances. When you eat food which have more cholesterol. When your skin have to suffer pollution for a long period. And when your skin have direct contact from UV rays.

3 Hair follicle plugged by dead skin cells

Your dead skin cells also a cause of acne. When these dead cells filled in hair follicles creates a bulbous area. So cleanse your face twice a day with face wash which suits your skin type.

4 Bacteria

Bacteria causes cyst in pimple. When you press or burst that pimple. These bacteria spreads insides your skin and creates more acne.

5 Cosmetic products

FDA declares that cosmetic skin lotions and creams are not good for your skin and these have many infections and side effects. Even products of popular brands are also have same impact on your skin. All people have different kind of skin and these products are not for all types.

6 Unprescribed medicines

Many of unprescribed medicines have side effects and causes acne. Or that may creates a worst situation than acne. So don’t take any medicine without prescription.

7 Rise in level of Androgen hormones

When we cross the line of puberty, it triggered the production of Androgen hormone. And instant rise of this hormone causes acne. This hormone present in both male and female. The main androgen hormones are testosterone and androstenedione.

8 Constipation

As i said you earlier that constipation is the main reason behind the excess production of sebum. And it also creates many other diseases in your body. So treat it as soon as possible.

How to prevent acne

Acne is not a small problem. And the marks or spots after that are worst than it. It takes away the beauty of your face. So how to prevent it.

1 Wash your face twice a day

Main reason of acne is sebum. So wash your face with face wash which suits you and remove excess oil and dirt twice a day. Choose face wash as per your skin texture. Wash your face before going to bed is very helpful in control the production of oil.

2 You must know the type of your skin

All people have different type of skin. Some of people have balanced skin, some have dry skin and some of them have oily skin. So you should choose facial products keep in mind the type of your skin. Like if you use moisturizer on oily skin then it creates more sebum and as results more acne will arise on your face. And if you wash your dry skin face more than 3 times a day then it becomes more dry and results are not good. So first of all you have to know the type of your skin and then treat your skin in such a way.

3 Sun screen cream is helpful for protect your skin

The Ultra violet rays of sun are very harmful for our skin. Your skin creates more sebum when it comes in direct contact with UV rays. The redness, aches and rashes of skin are also the result of long time contact from sun rays. So use sun screen of at least 15 sun protection factor (SPF).

4 Avoid extra sugary and carbohydrate food

Extra sugar and carbohydrate may result more production of oil. So you should avoid cakes, pies, cold drinks, etc. A single bottle of cold drink contains 12 spoon of sugar. It is too much. When first time i heard it, i don’t believe. I thought that this is nonsense. But the person who wrote this also wrote about his personal experience. He said that shake the bottle and exclude all baking extract then drink it, and i did. It taste like water full of sugar. These are really bad for our health and worst for acne.

5 Medication

Acne can be treat by prescribed medicines which contains Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid or Sulfur. These medicines can treat our pimples and also fills the spots and marks which causes by acne. Antibiotics are also helpful for cure the pus filled acne. But we should take medicines with prescription of professional because many medicines have side effects.

6 Home Remedies are also helpful for cure your acne

You can treat your acne on your own basis with the help of some home products. And the most important thing is there are no side effects of these home products. Aloeveira is very helpful for moisturize your skin. Coconut oil can heal any problem of your skin but if your skin is already oily then don’t apply it. The face pack of Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar is helpful for remove dirt and excess oil and it brings the glow of your face again. Honey and Lemon have properties which keeps your skin fresh. Potato can heal your skin redness and rashes. Turmeric powder have reach antioxidant and it can treat your acne and also helpful for pus filled acne. And there are many other such home remedies which are very helpful for your skin.

7 Don’t use same cloth for your body and face

Use clean and velvet cloth for cleaning your face to prevent from bacteria. Bacteria are very harmful for your acne. Bacteria can produce pus in your acne and this situation is very awful and painful. So use separate cloths for cleaning your body and face.

8 You should Yoga and Exercise daily

Yoga and exercise have lots of benefits. It helps to increase the glow of our skin. And improve the flow of blood in our body which remove dead skin cells and gear up the process of creating new cells.

As per Yoga professional constipation is the reason of acne. So There are many “Asanas” which helps us to solve the problem of constipation and improves your skin tone. “Shashankasana” will solve the problem of constipation and increase the flow of blood in your upper body which remove acne and their marks. “Vakrasana” and ” Dhanurasana” are also very helpful in constipation and glow your skin.

9 Don’t Burst your Acne

As i said you earlier when you burst your acne the bacteria of that particular place spread beneath your skin and creates more acne. So we should not burst it.

My own Experience

Our skin creates thousands of cells daily. It is capable to heal itself. But nowadays our daily routine is money focused. I think we actually forgot how to take care of our health or may be we don’t have time. And luckily when we got some time , we spent it on social media. When our all functions will work properly, we don’t have to face such things and i got this later. Actually i use many ways to cure my acne. Approx all the options which i wrote above. But some small things that also very helpful and not only for acne. For your overall body process.

1 Drink 3 glass water just after you get off from your bed.
2 Practice Surya namaskar daily in open air.
3 Prefer fruits rich breakfast.
4 Use steps instead of lift.
5 Cycled to your office, if your office is near.
6 Give yourself at least one hour a day when you laugh loudly with your friends and family or you can watch a laughter show.
7 You should go for a walk daily after dinner.
8 Avoid cigarettes.

These are not directly connected to acne problem. But i realize that our bad routine is cause of our all problems. So we should improve our routine. My skin is now fine and shiny. And as i said i used many remedies and explore many options. So i cannot tell you clearly that which is better treatment, but i can say that if we improve our routine, then many of our problems will solve in few time.

Comment below that what was your expression when you saw first pimple on your face and must share this blog.

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