What is Anxiety Disorder, its types and how to treat this mental illness

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Are you thinking about this most common disorder ‘Anxiety’? or may be you are suffering from this mental illness. This is one of our feeling and we feel anxious many of times when we Speak on stage, before interview, before any test and in many other situations. Its a common feeling or even this feeling is necessary for survival. Anxiety gears up the Fight or Flight mode which motivates us to take instant actions. 

But just think if you grab by these feeling when you doing your daily routine works at time of crossing road, talking to anyone or going outside home. This situation creates a mental illness and called Anxiety Disorder.

What is Anxiety

It is a feeling of uneasiness and lack of confidence. The person who suffer from this is usually short tempered and overreacted at minimize situations. Sometimes these feelings are stay for a long period and reason is also uncertain. The suffering person constantly worried about his future threats. And feeling tired, frightened and experience lack of concentration. Anxiety creates a fight or flight situation.

If you see any religious person who believe in God a lot, are also become anxious many of times. They think about the statements written in their religious book before doing any thing. They worried about the “Karma”. Even they think about their next and previous life. And grab with a fear of God but this is good. Humanity is continue by such feelings. I am just giving you a example that there is not a specific reason for suffering person.

Anxiety V/s Fear

Fear is not a similar term. Fear is common feeling and it triggers when any unseen, unwanted or unpleasant situation occurs. And it stay for short period, arises by any present specific situation and helps us to overcome by that situation. (Anxiety vs fear)

On other hand anxiety is for long period. In normal cases for 6 months and have no specific reason. Suffering person is confuse to take decisions and many of times he became anxious because he can’t cope up with the given situations. And these feeling push him towards depression. (Anxiety vs fear)

What is Anxiety disorder

When these anxious feelings triggers upon the capacity level then it become Anxiety disorder. It is a group of negative feelings may have fear, worry, anxiousness and uneasiness. Often people affected by more than one kind of disorder. Some people overreacted at their day to day activities, some have fear of specific things or places and some have social phobias.

In some cases it links with someone’s past accident, abusement, disappointment, poverty or may have a family issue. Its lead us towards depression. In some studies we got that single persons are more affected by this because isolation make anxiety disorder worst. You may say the feelings arises by isolation as separation anxiety.

Types of Anxiety disorders

More than 10 million cases we report in India each year and in USA the rate is so high. It’s common in Teenagers and Adults. And if anyone don’t get proper treatment it tends to remain. Even 30% of total patients have affected over lifetime. Many individuals experience side effects of more than one types of anxiety disorder. Which sort of mental illness you have?

Panic Disorder 

Many of people are affected by panic disorder in which you exited or anxious suddenly without any specific reason. Its like anxiety attack arises in less than 10 minutes and may remains for hours.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder is the most common type of mental illness and it not connected to any particular situation or thing. In this suffering person became unable to control his worry and overreacted at day to day activities. The worry may be about his future, family, office, money, etc. but it excess than normal. Results the person loose concentration and became unable to make daily decisions.


Ever you seen a child who refuses to going school and his parents forcely send him. Exactly this type of situation is created in agoraphobia. A person wants to escape from any particular situation or place but he have to stay there and you feel that there is no one to help you.

Specific Phobia 

It is the phobia arises in particular situations or places or may be with any particular things or animals or insects. Have you ever seen your little sister start crying loudly after seeing cockroach, its funny but its a phobia. Some people fear from height, driving, water, blood. There are different things for different person which triggers their phobia.

Selective Mutism 

It is common in children, in this they cannot speak where they are expected to speak. When a child goes to any new school it is hard to cope up with new people and place. It is kind of social phobia. Generally adults also experience selective mutism at interview or at stage.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Mainly adults are grab with Social Anxiety disorder, they unable to interact with any person. And they avoid to put their thoughts in groups, and if someone ask them anything then they start blushing or trembling. These people like isolation and avoid to go out. They have lack of friends, no chill outs, no parties, no trips, just think about this situation. They are in imprisonment of their own thoughts.

Treatment for anxiety disorder

The proper treatment is very compulsory otherwise it tends to lifetime. It is not a kind of fever or cold in which you take medicines and you recovered. It is results of negativity, fear, worry, stress of your mind. In many cases

it is just a imagination, and you try to win the war like warrior in your thoughts.

In a research by ‘India state level disease burden initiative’ in 2017 we got that 1 person from 7 is suffering from depression and anxiety disorder. Every person fight with some struggles and some people feel unable to cope up with situations.

So treatment needed especially for your mind, the activities that helps your mind to stay calm and stable. You have to work on yourselves. You have to change your lifestyle.

1 Change your lifestyle

If your current lifestyle or schedules create stress. You have to change your schedule if possible. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol you should leave all such habits instantly. You should start to find little happiness in little things, in meeting with your friends and family, in helping others.

Set up a goal or aim in your life because a study says person who live for a goal are more happier than others. Change your sleeping pattern, dressing pattern, talking and walking pattern if these have some defects, it creates a confidence level.

2 Include exercise and meditation in your routine

In treatment for anxiety disorder we have to recharge our mind. Exercise, Yoga and meditation is help us in this and remind one thing a healthy mind resides in healthy body.

We have a grey matter in our mind which is responsible for concentration, thoughts, memory. And this grey matter increase by meditation. So, directly it helps you to concentrate and control on your thoughts and it helps you to stay calm and stable.

By exercise a chemical in our brain named dopamine boost up which help us to stay happy. And exercise helps in good quality of sleep, and improves our digestion. These both directly link with our mood.

3 Include some mood converters food in your meal

Most of people’s mood is directly connected with food. Like if when i got stress, i cook and eat maggi. I know it is not a healthy food or connected with this topic but when i eat maggi i forgot about all shits of present situation.

Salmon, chamomile, turmeric, dark chocolate, yogurt, green tea also helps you in convert your mood.

4 Give time to your hobbies

Engage yourselves in the work you like is also help you to stay happy. Search your passion, no matter it earn for you or not. The main purpose is to find happiness.

It may be little things like hearing songs, talking with your friends, making new friends, explore new places, dancing, reading, eating or anything which gives happiness to you.

Usually i read new things out of my subject when i got stress and it helps me to withdraw from current situations. Or write blogs on my website but today i am not in stress lol. And sometimes hears music.

5 Medication

At last we should take help of medication if anxiety is continuous after our possible efforts. Some times it get harder for doctors to find the type of disorder from which patient suffers.

Antidepressants are effective in this but if any of antidepressants give you result than continue it to at least 1 year .

In second option doctor recommended benzodiazepines , it have good results but makes you addictive.

Don’t take any medicine without recommendation of doctors because side effects of medicines can ruin your life.

Cure your mental and physical health and remember our health is our wealth. Ask me if you have any question in comment section and share this blog as much as possible and help your friends who feel depressed.

Nikhil Deora

I am a blogger in health niche. I like to spread happiness and to make a healthy environment. As you know health is wealth so it is important to stay fit.

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