World Mental Health Day 2020 : This year a Single day is not enough

world mental health day 2020 going to be most precious day of our all lives, it is demand of 2020
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Today the date is 10 October and World Federation for Mental health organizes World Mental health day on this date every year. First time it celebrated in 1992. The main purpose of this is to spread the awareness about mental health and solve the issues regarding this. Every year health federation set a theme to celebrate the mental health day. As in 2012 the focused theme is Depression, in 2017 it is mental health of employees at their workplace, in 2018 it focused on mental health of young people in that changing world and in 2019 it is suicide. Every year the theme is different. This year the theme is upon improve the level of mental health and increase the investment in this field.

We celebrate World mental health day every year but 2020 requires it most. This year a single day is not enough for spreading awareness about mental health. A recent research says that almost 460 million people suffering through mental disorder. Millions of people lost their livelihood and many people lost their family members and friends. So a lot of people suffering through mental illness due to it. So this year the awareness by just telling about the benefits of mental health is not enough. We have to find ways to get rid of that all causes which are responsible for this.

This year the Theme is also focused on increased the investment on mental health and this is good. Generally we ignore such days every year. We just put the wishes on status and send messages to all and our celebration is over. This year we have to celebrate it on our own basis.

How to celebrate World Mental Health Day this year

Our life should be full of celebration. We should celebrate every day of our life because life is unpredictable. May be now many people are thinking that this is not easy to be happy at every moment of our life. But it is possible when your mental health is good. So how to celebrate this important day to attracts the vitality in your life.

1 Promise yourself that you will give a half hour every day to “Yoga” this year :

Yoga is very helpful to calm your mind. Daily practice of yoga gives you a lot of physical and mental benefits. So to improve your mental health promise yourself that you practice Yoga daily at least a half hour. Even If you only practice Surya Namaskar daily it will give a lots of benefits. Surya Namaskar refers as the heart of Yoga.

2 Promise yourself that you will give a half hour every day to “Meditation” this year :

Our mind has unlimited potentials but that are still locked. Meditation helps us to unlock these potentials. It is not possible to describe whole benefits of meditation in brief. There are many types : Vipassana Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Heartfulness Meditation, Mantra Meditation. You can practice any kind which helps you to focus your mind.

3 Promise yourself that you will read Life changing books half a hour daily this year :

Your perception have a great impact on your life. May be it is positive or may be negative. It is hard to change perceptions. And negative perception is able to chalk a boundary around you. But daily practice can change you completely. So read positive books which helps you to change the way of your thinking and attitude towards life.

Let’s celebrate the World mental health day this year by doing that promises to yourself which improves your further life. How you want to make this day special, comment below.

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